U.S. Private Equity

Baird Capital’s U.S. Private Equity team invests in growing and profitable lower-middle-market companies across the Healthcare, Technology & Services, and Products sectors.

Our team of investment professionals, operating partners and senior advisors works closely with management to develop and refine business strategy. We attempt to drive value in our portfolio companies by providing deep sector expertise, investment experience and a broad relationship network to capitalize on market opportunities.

We invest $15 million to $35 million in U.S. companies that meet the following criteria:

Enterprise value of $25 million to $125 million
Less than $20 million of EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization)
Leading position in a well-developed, stable or growing industry
Proven products or processes with key competitive advantages
Demonstrated track record of profitability
Potential to grow revenue organically and/or through acquisition

While we prefer to make investments that present controlling ownership positions, we will also make select minority ownership investments where our experience positions us to add value. Our typical investment holding period is four to six years.