Baird Capital invests in growing companies across the Industrial Technology & Solutions sector. Our global team collaborates across borders to deliver a comprehensive platform of deep sector expertise, investment experience, operational resources and a global relationship network to our portfolio companies.

Our Areas of Focus

We seek businesses in a range of industrial markets, with a particular focus on the subsectors below.

We seek to develop relationships with potential Industrial Technology & Solutions board members, executives and advisors, particularly in the automation space. If you are interested in joining the Baird Capital Talent Network, please submit your resume to Suzanne Secler at

Emerging Industrial Technology
  • Automation technology
  • Industrial IoT
  • Robotic solutions
  • Systems integration
  • 3D printing/additive manufacturing
  • Optics/lasers & photonics
  • Engineered technologies

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Emerging Industrial Technology

The Emerging Industrial Technology subsector seeks businesses applying emerging industrial technologies to industries or opportunities with positive long-term growth trends, providing for attractive investment opportunities.

Investment Thesis:

  • Automation technologies will continue to advance, replacing human operatives at lower cost, with higher accuracy and productivity, enabling businesses to benefit from greater operating leverage.
  • Increased global connectivity, stimulated further by the introduction of 5G networks, and the advance of cloud computing, will enable a proliferation of connected smart devices and create a new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) age.
  • Technological advancements in engineered technologies, such as advanced materials, 3D printing or optical/laser-based technologies will create products that are lighter, more durable, faster, or safer than their predecessors.
  • Emerging industrial technologies will create a value in use greater than the solutions they replace, creating the opportunity for recurring revenues through service, software, or consumables.

Examples of Baird Capital Investments in Emerging Industrial Technology:

METI  Pentagon    Ellman   Berbee
  • Facility interconnectivity
  • Smart building/city Infrastructure
  • Sustainability/efficiency technologies
  • Water conservation & management
  • Temperature management
  • Smart grid technology

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The Environmental subsector includes the use of highly engineered, technical solutions to foster sustainable economic growth, facilitating the global transformation of energy generation and consumption, and optimizing usage of scarce resources. We are focused on this space as we expect that climate change will compel governments to regulate industries, tax polluters and carbon emitters, promoting thoughtful decisions on resource use.

Investment Thesis:

  • We are focused on the products, technologies and services required to support the transformation of energy generation and consumption. Drivers include the circular economy, environmental regulations, and increases in renewable energy generation.
  • In addition, we are seeing increased demand for energy efficient technologies to enable businesses and homes to benefit from reduced energy bills, and cities to cut pollution and improve urban life.
  • Global water shortages driven by climate change require solutions, whether physical or technological by nature, to ensure security and quality of supply.

Examples of Baird Capital Investments in Environmental:

American Superconductor Clearwater    Collingwood Lighting    
Justrite Pentagon   SGX Sensortech

Process Controls & Monitoring
  • Asset tracking and remote monitoring
  • Manufacturing/logistics process tracking
  • Motion control
  • Condition monitoring
  • Electrical, fluid & flow controls
  • Filtration and separation
  • Supply chain technology

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Process Controls & Monitoring

The Process Control & Monitoring subsector includes any engineered solution that uses continuous monitoring of an industrial process’s operational variables (e.g., temperature, pressure, chemical content) and algorithms to gather information, which can adjust variables to reach product output specifications and objectives.

Investment Thesis:

  • Process control and monitoring technology improves businesses’ ability to optimize operations and connected supply chains to maximize profitability, ensure quality and prioritize safety.
  • These solutions have the potential to result in reduced overhead costs and increased benefits to customers. As such, the solutions are likely to have attractive ROI characteristics.

Examples of Baird Capital Investments in Process Controls & Monitoring:

Xaloy   Kason

Testing, Measurement & Inspection
  • Testing, inspection, certification & compliance (TICC)
  • Electronic measurement
  • Analytical measurement
  • Production/environmental sensors
  • Production safety

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Testing, Measurement & Inspection

The Testing, Measurement & Inspection subsector consists of the use of sensors or other measuring technologies to provide a differentiated industrial service in end markets with attractive secular drivers. These technologies and solutions are typically characterized by a high level of IP, service differentiation or barriers to entry through regulations or certifications. We are focused on this space because now that sensing and connectivity systems are embedded in many products, leading businesses can differentiate by offering remote monitoring and performance certification with a lower unit cost.

Investment Thesis:

  • The testing, inspection, certification and compliance (TICC) market is large (est. ~$225 billion) and 40% outsourced with top 20 players holding 17% of the total market, and highly fragmented.
  • In our experience, Test and Measurement players are increasingly showing interest in the adjacent TICC sector given the number of various commercial opportunities.
  • In using automated sensors, data can be collected and stored to make more efficient decisions.

Examples of Baird Capital Investments in Testing, Measurement & Inspection:

Alpha Source Inc.   CCI Clearwater   Digi Star  Kedu Healthcare  Kindstar Global  SGX Sensortech


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